July 24, 2010

New Products ordered from My Minds Eye

The Place Derek and I were on was delayed due to bad weather. (The Chicago airport was closed) In the end we had to land in Detroit to refuel and make another attempt at getting to Chicago. We finally made it and we got to the hotel at 5:00am. That was a long flight!!!
I managed to get 2 hours sleep before I headed over to my pre trade show event. Derek decided to sleep in. Typical Man!!!

Anyway, I got to see lots of new product including the My Minds Eye Halloween Line. It is on Kraft paper and the black images are flocked. Yes, Flocked. When I initially saw this online I did not like it but, when I saw it in person, oh my gosh, I love it.
So I ordered it :)

You definitely have to see this line in person


Tracy Valure said...

A friend and I were in your store today and had an awesome time. Lisa is a trip....she was great! We actually left, then came back again for more shopping. We stocked up on magnolias and just-rites! Tell her the port st lucie girls said hello!

Anonymous said...

awesome Halloween collection! Can't wait to see it in person.