September 13, 2010

Derek goes to Barbados Part 1

Do you remember when I mentioned that Derek met someone at CHA in Chicago this year?

Well SHE invited HIM to Barbados.

I am the one that worked while he was chatting with people, making friends and having a good old time.

I had to place a ton of orders, walk for miles, lug heavy catalogs around and work really really hard.

He is the one that got to go to Barbados!!!
Something is so wrong with that

Anyway, here are some of his vacation photos
Looks like he had fantastic weather
Going for a swim

He said the water was so warm

Floating in the balmy water
Crap, his hair still looks good.
If it was me I would have looked like a drowned rat
Drying off after a hard day

Hard day? He does not know the meaning of a hard day!

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Images By Jax said...

no photos of the lady who took him to Barbados? Jealous!!