January 20, 2011

Graphic 45 sneak peek

Graphic 45 - one of my favorite companies.
Time and time again they outdo themselves with their vintage eclectic designs.

Curtain Call
Take your seat center stage for the classiest show in town! Ladies and Gentleman, we are proud to introduce “Curtain Call,” an elegant paper collection that harkens back to the golden age of entertainment. Inspired by the birth of jazz, lavish stage shows, and the silent film era, this razzle-dazzle paper collection will have you swinging! Soft creams and striking black colors give this collection an authenticity of old Hollywood. Immerse your imagination in the glitz and glamour of times gone by. With “Curtain Call” all of your crafts will get top billing!

Le Cirque

Step right up and let the grandeur of the Big Top captivate you with child-like delight! Introducing “Le Cirque,” the newest and most fabulously fun paper collection around. It’s a dazzling showcase of vivid color and stunning imagery unlike any other! Inspired by classic circus images from the early 20th century, “Le Cirque” will inspire your imagination to take flight like a trapeze artist gliding through the air. This whimsical collection features a full spectrum of spectacular color including: cerulean blues, weathered reds, verdant greens, sunny yellows, supported by rich blacks and antique cream and ivory. Let “Le Cirque” turn all your creations into the greatest show on earth!

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