February 3, 2011

Smash That

and now for something completely different.

Smash is a new concept in Art Journaling from K & Company and I think it is really cool

Sitting in the car pool lane or watching one of your kids play sports then this is perfect for you.

The notebook comes partially decorated with an attached pen that has a glue stick at one end.

There are lots of cool embellishments, stickers, pockets and more you can add.

Make notes, record your thoughts, doodle.

Add cool pieces of paper, napkins, ticket stubs, your golf or mah jong scores

Whatever you want this is the place to do it.

I am going to use it as a diary.
For instance some of you know I love McDreamy and I heart Edward from Twilight.
While these are things I would not make a layout in my scrapbook for, my Smash Journal is the perfect place to glue my movie ticket stubs and journal what a fun time I had with my friends watching the movie.

When I have ideas for creating art this is the place for me to jot my notes and add some fun things.

Here is a little movie to give you some ideas

I am so excited to get this line, hopefully it will arrive soon.


Joyce's Journey said...

I want one of these!!!! Please hold one for me.

Kelli Kreations said...

I want a pink one please
Kelli Moldenhauer

Anonymous said...

Ya Ya says, I want a pink or purple one,Please let me know when its here.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, these look terrific. Please save one for me.