April 24, 2011

We have a problem

You may remember that Fred and Francoise just started going steady
if you need to read about it click here
Fred and Francoise go steady

Well yesterday we hear a funny noise coming from the Scary Closet at the back of the store. We open the door to see what is going on, and lo and behold we spy some little bunny butts hopping away.

Fred sees us looking in the closet and yells
Surprise !!!!!
(he had been trying to keep it a secret)

It seems that Fred and Francoise have been,
well how do I put this,
getting a little closer than we had thought.

They have not been going out that long and their behaviour is a little inappropriate

Apparently Francoise had just given birth to a litter of 5 babies; two boys and three girls

(there is always something exciting going on at the store)

Look at her she is exhausted

Meet Flower and Finneus

Ferb, Fatushka and Ferbina
Here is a close up of their birth certificates

A close up of the happy family

you two this is the kind of behaviour that just got you into trouble
Cut it out

Looks like there might be a wedding in the future

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