June 30, 2011

We have a new company coming . . .

there is a new company to the Scrapbook Industry
and I mean really new!!

introducing . . . . . .

"After many long hours and the amazing efforts of some very talented people, the brand Authentique (French for authentic) is born. Simply put: we wanted a brand of paper-crafting products that looked and felt as authentic, real, and genuine as the people who use them. We admire the discipline it takes to paper-craft and respect the heartfelt nature of the retailers and consumers in this industry. We strive to be authentic in all we do and know you will sense that in our products.

Our designs combine color and emotion to create a powerful feeling when admiring and using them. We used words like Blissful, Uncommon, and Glowing to describe some of our very first themes. We feel the emotions and feelings that create “actual memories” are more important than the events themselves and Authentique products reflect this."

- Team Authentique

We are so excited to be carrying all 4 of their brand new released collections

They will be here next week!!!!!!



and the fourth line is called Splendid

We will of course, tweet, blog and facebook when it arrives.

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Kell Bell said...

love it all... the colors are great