July 2, 2011

Uh-Oh Tilda is in trouble

The latest issue of the Magnolia magazine was my absolute favorite with lots of inspiration.

A couple of customers had asked us to make one of the lovely creations in the magazine for a class. So inspired by one of the artists we recreated the Hot Air Balloon.

Tilda and Edwin went up in the Balloon for a short romantic flight and I turned around to get my camera to take a photo.

When I turned around Tilda had decided to try Bungee Jumping!!

I thought that was really brave of her.

Bungee Jumping is not my kind of thing

I am not sure if it is a fear of heights or a
fear of being on the end of a rubber band.
However I admire people who are stupid enough to try it

Like Tilda . . .

but it turns out that Edwin had dared her to do it
and he had an evil plan . . .

Apparently he was pretty annoyed at her, she was too happy all the time and she forgot to clean the house and well her cooking was pretty crap and she could not do laundry without shrinking his shirts. She also refused to bring him a cold beer when he asked for it and then she hid the remote control.

So all in all Edwin has a bit of an attitude problem and he decided to cut the rope right over a snarling pit of Alligator rubber stamps.

It got pretty messy after that and I could not take any more photos

The End


Shelley said...

Poor Tilda. Edwin is such a control freak. We need to drop him into the alligator pit and see if he likes it. Maybe he will start helping Tilda do some of the house work and NOT sit around like he is a king and she his slave. Bad Edwin.

Kell Bell said...

Oh Michelle you are a creative one with the project and the story that is why I love your blog you never know what you will get

mborrero said...

beyond creative Michelle

Charo said...

this is just a delight, we should be planning a field trip to LW soon!

Tam said...

Naughty Edwin! I don't know why, but when I saw Tilda hanging there I thought for sure she was tired of living with his lazy butt and decided to fly to freedom..... We should all tune in next month to see Edwin in an arm chair and Tilda in the kitchen, grinding glass to put in his casserole....

Martina said...

Very nice! :) How do you do the balloon?