June 4, 2013

Character Construction... She Sells Sea Shells...

Quick!  Hurry Up!  Don't Delay!  You Have to Get Here Today!

We just got in a brand new shipment of Catherine Moore's Character Construction stamps and here at ESS everything's coming up Mermaids! 

We now have the She Sells Seashells Collection but, for you Character Construction fans, you know how it goes... here today, gone today... you need to get here and pick them up because many of them were gone before they got here!  Take a quick peek if you're not familiar with the collection, but seriously, come to the store.  Right Now!  These ladies (and gents) will be gone before you can sing the chorus to "Part of Your World"!!!

I'm setting the timer for you now...  press play and get going!


Joyce's Journey said...

Okay I decided I want a mermaid set. Hmmmmm. Do I want 5, 7 or 8? Decisions, decisions.

Tam said...

Hmmm... sounds like you need one of each!!! :)