August 12, 2013

Purple Cows Melt Tool

New product alert - we just got in Purple Cows Melt tool and wax blocks - perfect for encaustic lovers and other mixed media artists!

Purple Cows Melt Heat Tool

Purple Cows Melt Wax Blocks

Purple Cows Melt Wax Blocks
Wax can be used both as a sealer and a textural element for your projects... and the colors allow for some very cool techniques.  Check out this tag Michelle created with wax:

OK, so it's a little hard to see the depth and detail added to the project with wax in this photo, but believe you me, it's there!  The wax just makes the whole project look very ethereal... a very cool effect indeed!  You've definitely got to try it out... and we've got everything here that you need to get started!

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