December 29, 2012

Dreading Backing Up Your Photos?

If you're like me (always out of time and fairly disorganized!), one area of your life that is probably lacking is making backup copies of your digital photos.  Often, we fail to take the time to print out our digital photos, so the digital copy is the only one that exists.  But what happens if you lose that copy?

I learned this lesson the hard way myself last year when I got a virus and my computer died.  I thought I was going to die - ALL my kids baby pictures were lost.  Luckily I was able to find an expert who extracted the board in the drive and found the pictures - but it cost me.  A lot. 

However, backing up pictures is SUCH a pain - it takes forever and you tend to make mistakes - duplicating some files and forgetting others.  The Picture Keeper device takes care of all these problems for you!

The Picture Keeper works kind of like a thumb drive - you just plug it in.  The difference, though, is that it does ALL of the work for you.  It automatically seeks out all your digital photos and stores them on the device - you don't have to install anything or find all your pictures - it does it for you.  Can you say AWESOME???

Here's a short video explanation of the Picture Keeper:

We've got two different storage size options in stock right now - come on in pick one up today, and your photos can be safely backed up by tomorrow with little or no effort on your part - my kind of product!!!

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