December 8, 2012

Getting Ready for the Holidays...

It's that time again and we've come up with a few ideas to make your holiday planning a little easier.

Tim Holtz recently released a new pillow box die, and Nancy and Rosemary got together today and made some beautiful samples:

I hate to admit that anything Nancy had a hand in is cute, but darn it, I really like these!  What a great way to make a gift card something special...

For those of you who know scrapbookers who are just beginning, we've created a special section full of product specially geared for new scrappers:

There's a simple layout example and the materials used to make it, a few scrapbooking kits, and basic tools that are perfect for beginners.  This aisle is right in the front of the store so it's super easy to get new scrapbookers outfitted for success - come on in and check it out!

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