July 9, 2013

Magic FX Chartpak Colored Pencil

Here's a great new product for our mixed media/art journal lovers - the Magic FX Crazy Chromatic Coloring Pencil from ChARTpak!  Have fun twisting and turning the pencil as you draw, write, and color in your work:

I drew a very quick little flower to show you the effect - very cool indeed!  (Now don't go judging my flower,ladies... I never claimed to be an artist!   This is actually a very poor imitation of someone else's much prettier flower - I just wanted to show you the effect...)  You never quite know what color you're going to get, but when you're ready for a change just rotate the lead a little and you'll be drawing in an all new color.  Colors also blend and change with the natural movement of your hand as you move across the page:

Isn't that cool???  How fun it would be to write a whole page of journaling and sketching with colors popping up here and there and everywhere.... just something to think about.... ;)

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