July 13, 2013

The Ranger Ink Blog has Featured Michelle!

The Ranger Ink blog has featured a project designed by Michelle and we are SO excited!

You all know how Michelle is... very shy about her talents!  Nancy has been pushing and pushing and PUSHING Michelle to submit her projects for publication.  (Side note: I considered giving Nancy a new nickname; VP for Very Pushy, but I didn't want you Nancy fans out there to get the impression that she is Very Important, because we all KNOW that that's just not true... right???  Traitors.... )  Anyway, Michelle finally decided to give it a try and what do you know - she got picked!  Not that I had any doubt, of course, because I am SS (Super Supportive). 

Here's the link to Michelle's featured project on the blog: Click Me!  Click Me!

And here's a picture of the front cover of the mini album she created:

Ranger blog
Michelle's Ranger Blog Mini Album Project
And here are some pictures of the inside pages, where Michelle created her own background designs using an image transfer technique.  This was a very cool idea, since the album was created for her dad and the images were from her home town and places she and her dad were familiar with - the ultimate customization!!!

Ranger Blog Image Transfer One
First Page, From Michelle's Home Time

Ranger Blog Image Transfer 2
Image Transfer Technique Page Two, Michelle and her Dad in front of London
Isn't it amazing!  We are so happy that Michelle finally decided to test her wings a bit - we can't wait to see her projects popping up here and there and everywhere in the future! 

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