July 25, 2013

Yup, She Did It Again!

You know, it's been a while.  I've been trying to be nice to Nancy for quite some time, just to see if that would have any impact on my award status.  We're now in July.  The award promised to me last December, after many months of exemplary work last year with NO reward, has yet to come.  I've tried to be nice, but really...  what's it going to take for me to get my award???

You might remember my post a few weeks back about Nancy and Michelle rearranging the store AGAIN.  So when I came in to work,I couldn't find anything AGAIN.   Here it is, if you need a reminder.  Now, a reasonable person, when being gently reminded in a blog post that they've done something that has really, truly inconvenienced someone else, would be sorry.  Or, at least, they'd stop doing whatever they were doing that made them blog worthy.

Well, not our Nancy!  By the time my story posted, she was already rearranging something else!  She even laughed about it in a comment on the original post!

Now, I ask you, does that sound fair?  Does that sound reasonable?  Certainly not! What is going on with these ladies?  They blackball me from rewards, they make it impossible for me to help people when I'm there because I can NEVER find anything, and then they laugh about it on posts created out of my own blood, sweat, and tears.  I tell you, things are tough when you're a one-day a week blogger.

So, I guess you probably want to see what the new changes are... after all, if I can't help you on the one day a week that I work, you're probably out of luck.  Nancy has pretty much gotten to the point that she's moved so much around that even she can't find it anymore.  Hmph... now THAT'S funny!!!

So here are a few highlights from the new stamp section, grouped according to God only knows what method... note all the samples that Nancy has 'geniusly' dispersed throughout the section.

I say 'geniusly' because originally all the card samples were with the stamps.  Then PN rearranged everything for a more "streamlined" look and moved the samples.  Now she's decided again that the samples really belong next to the stamps, so she's re-done the section for the third time.  Remind you of anything, say, like the failed button experiment earlier this year???

Yet more proof that some of us are true scrapbook store visionaries, able to hash out ideas and come of with grand plans of the ways things should be done, while others attempt to make us look bad by constantly appearing busy, working and reworking the same sections over and over and over again so that they appear to be the hardest workers.  Hmph.  Which person would YOU rather give the award to, really?

added by Michelle:  hehehehe we like to confuse you Tamara it is way too much fun!!!

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