May 27, 2013

Enjoy a Little Rest and Relaxation

Is it just me or does life seem busier than ever this year?  Gosh, it seems like I can't get finished with one project without five or six more new things piling up behind it... it's important to remember to take a break everyone and a while and enjoy life!

Now, I know for most of you just coming to our store is a restful, relaxing experience... after all, you come in, you shop around, you do a little crafting, you listen to our wild and crazy antics... really, who wouldn't have a good time???

But wait - what happens when you leave?  You get shoved back into your busy, demanding life.  Well, now you can take a little rest and relaxation home with you!  How, you ask?  Well, all you need is some new stamps from Inky Antics... they'll put you in the mood to unwind!  Check out some of the samples from their new release:

Isn't this a nice collection?  Don't you feel more relaxed and happy just looking at the samples?

Well, that's enough of that!  Get yourself un-relaxed and come on over and pick up your favorites before it's too late and your favorite is gone and you won't get to make your happy cards and you'll never feel relaxed and happy ever, ever, ever again!

Gosh, I'm sounding a little frantic, aren't I?  I'll be heading on over to the stamp aisle now......

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