May 19, 2013

New Storage Solutions for Your Copics!

Yay!  Yay!  Did I mention,  YAYYYYY!!!!  Just arrived, an awesome new storage solution for your Copic markers!  (OK, technically these could be used for all kinds of markers, but I'm a Copic girl, so I'm discussing it in terms of Copics... and that's all I have to say about that!)

This is an awesome compact desktop rack that you can customize to fit your needs... it is sold in a single layer like this:

 And then you can stack (vertically and angled, as shown) to get the amount of pen storage you have room for:

Mmmm.... happy, happy thoughts.  Each layer is 5 1/2" deep, 9 1/2" wide, 1" tall, and holds 12 markers.... so go ahead and measure out your space (and count the number of markers you have!) then come on in and let us help you get those markers organized and accessible!

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