May 25, 2013

Oooohh.... Aaaahhhhh.... Foam Stamps!

Hip hip hooray!  I love fun new products.... you love fun new products... we all love fun new products!  Well, the new foam stamps we got in from Donna Downey definitely qualify as fun new products!  Foam stamps are awesome... they can be used with paints and their larger surface areas allow for some really fun stamping techniques.  Plus, these particular stamps are a pretty good size... around 7"x10", which means they're amazing on canvas, art journal pages, or, dare I say it, Gelli Plates!!!!  Lots and lots of good art times to be had with these babies:

Here's one of Donna's art journal pages using the Poppies foam stamp:

Pretty cool, huh?  Amazing visual impact, and they work equally well as background images or as the focal point.... love 'em!

1 comment:

Joyce said...

Think I need to have those poppies. So pretty!!