May 13, 2013


Well, OK, I guess I shouldn't make titles in all caps and tell you "you must" do anything... someone will probably get crabby about my lack of on-line decorum.  Oh well... I'm sure I passed the cut-off line for good on-line decorum a long time before this post....

Anyway, the point of all this is if you belong to the Smash club you will not want to miss a surprise, unscheduled club meeting! 

Well, of course, it's scheduled now... it wasn't scheduled when we printed the schedules, so no one really knows about it, which is why there is such urgency in this post!!!

SO, this Sunday, May 19th from 12pm-1:30 Amy is leading our next Smash club.  Again, this meeting is NOT on your printed class schedule.  Smash Club is free, as always, but you must call and sign up so we know how many people are coming.  Here are a few gorgeous pictures from Amy's Smash book to keep you salivating until Sunday: 

Look at what she did with her cover:

So stinking cute, right?  How about this pop-up action:

Ohhh... love the black and white!

And the little ephemera pockets - too cute!

So marking your calendars, give us a call, and come to Smash Club this Sunday, May 19th from 12-1pm.  Got it?  Good!

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