November 14, 2012

Check out the new Tim Holtz Emporium!

Fancy Nancy has been at it again... a few weeks ago she "rearranged" our Tim Holtz emporium.  The only problem was that when she was finished it looked EXACTLY the same as it had before!  Fancy Nancy was beside herself ! 

"How can that be?"  she exclaimed.  "I worked all day on that wall and it looks exactly the same!!"  I said nothing, smiling to myself.  "Finally," I thought, "Fancy Nancy's going down!!"  I've been sensing that my time is near - my award is practically in my grasp.  That whole episode with Rosemary winning an award last week is forgotten - I'm moving on and thinking positive.  This could be the turning point!  Or so I thought....

As it turns out, the jokes on me!  Fancy Nancy couldn't leave it alone - she attacked it again this week and now it definitely looks different!  Just look:

What's that, you say?  You love the way it looks so neat and organized, and the new display shelf at eye level with awesome samples and product?  What was that?  LA LA LA LA LA - somehow my hands are over my ears and I can not hear you now.   I have to go right now, so maybe you should try to tell me some other time - like NEVER! 

Did I mention we got restocks of the new awesome dyeable trees and electric lamps that FLEW out the door last time we had them? 

Gosh, they're so inspiring - I can't wait to have time to do something with mine!  Just remember, though, if you DO happen to come in to pick up some awesome Tim Holtz product and you happen to notice how great the new Tim Holtz emporium looks, do me a favor - don't mention it!

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