November 4, 2012

Make Time for a Place in Time - Before it's Too Late!

"Eeekkk!"  I shrieked as I walked in this morning.  No, I didn't see anything creepy - I Eeekkk when I'm excited too, just because I can.  It was right by the front door - Graphic 45's new Place in Time release.  Wow - I'm a Graphic 45 groupie, but this collection just really blows me away.  I want to go home and use it RIGHT NOW.  Which means, happy readers, that I've already bought some which I will be using very soon!  And everyone else who sees it is also going to be buying it, so if you actually want some you'd better get here quick!  Just look at this gorgeous collection:

Of course, the collection goes on through December, but I think you get the idea - you really want to come and see the second half of the year - it's amazing!  We also got the 8x8 and 12x12 collection pads:

There are SO many possibilities for this line - calendars, mini journals, an album of layouts through the year - great for gifts and great for your own home decor.  Make sure to get yours before somebody else (like me!) does!!

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