November 23, 2012

You Can Save the Shop Around the Corner!!

Wow, it's already been a full year since the last Small Business Saturday!  Does anyone else feel like this year has just flown by?  Is this universal, or a sign of my age? 

So - You've Got Mail... one of my FAVORITE movies ever... and SO dated when you watch it now, which makes it even more lovely.   The back story is a little shop owner's fight to save her business when a big chain store opens around the corner.  Such a wonderful sentiment, and one we should all take note of in today's world of super stores.  I think there must be a romantic at heart organizing promotions at American Express who came up with the idea of Small Business Saturday. 

In case you're not familiar with Small Business Saturday, here's the scoop: American Express created this event to support small businesses which, as we all know, are really struggling in today's difficult economy.  Take a minute to think about all of your favorite small businesses that have closed this past year - there's a lot of them. 

The idea behind Small Business Saturday is to reward you for supporting your favorite small business, like Everything Scrapbook and Stamps!  To participate, all you need to do is go here to register your card BEFORE Saturday, November 24th - in fact, they are saying that registrations are limited this year so it's probably a good idea if you can get it done sooner rather than later. 

After that, you come in this Saturday (November 24th) and make a minimum $25 purchase using your American Express card.  American Express will then give you a $25 credit on your statement!!  That's pretty much like coming in and getting $25 in product for free - what an amazing thing for American Express to do!  Especially considering that last year they had over 100,000,000 members participate - do the math and then remember to close your mouth!

Last year's Small Business Saturday was a great success for our store and we're so thankful to everyone who came out and supported us - we're looking forward to another great year!  To sweeten the pot a little, Michelle will be giving away a free tote to all of our customers who participate - how awesome is that?? 

So, you can come in, get at least $25 in product and a free tote to take it home in, then actually mean it when you tell your hubby you didn't spend too much!  (Hee hee hee... I crack myself up sometimes!)  I still remember my great-grandmother driving around with a trunk full of shoes that she'd whip out on special occasions, claiming she'd had them for months.  Technically, she had... they'd just never quite made it into the house under my great-grandfather's watchful eyes!  Of course, he did all the repairs on the car, so he had to know they were there... but he let her keep her secret :)  Guess we have a history of romantics in our family...

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