November 12, 2012

Oh Come Let Us Rejoice...EXCEPT Rosemary!

New from Creative Imaginations - Come and rejoice over the Rejoice line!  Rejoice is full of all the little details that make Christmas so special.  Notice the layers of color and texturizing elements - the depth pulls the eye deeper into the design every time you look at it! They also added just a little distressing to really give it that vintage feel - so beautiful!

Look at the beautiful die cuts and stickers that compliment the Rejoice collection:

Yup, the new Rejoice line will make you stand up and sing out loud - it's just that good.  OK, I might be exaggerating a little, but if you DO stand up and sing, just make sure you're here when you do it.  I have to have some entertainment, right? 

Did you miss Cheryl Mezzetti's visit this past weekend?  You're sure about to regret if you did... check out a few pages of the AMAZING mini book she made using the Rejoice line:

I came and took one of Cheryl's classes and guess what happened.  You'll never guess.  You'd probably never imagine that people could be SO cruel.  Yup, it happened again.  Rosemary won an award!!! 

I was just sitting there, minding my own business, working hard and fast to keep up with the class.  Suddenly, Michelle and Rosemary come over to make an announcement.  And there, in front of all my friends and my MOTHER, Rosemary gets pinned with another award!  I have to be honest, I don't even know what it was for.  My blood pressure spiked and there was a sudden pounding in my ears - it was horrible.   I was SO humiliated - I mean, seriously?  What's it going to take??  Of course, Nancy had to bring up how long it had been since she last received an award.  Easy conversation for people who have won awards before - but what about me?  Woe is me - alone in an awardless class of one. (Man, I'm laying it on thick - my lip is out in pout position even as I'm typing this!)  So, anyway, come in a buy some happy Rejoice paper - maybe it'll cheer me up!

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