April 7, 2013

A Charming Little Fairy Tale

This month Darcie's stamps are taking us on a little journey through fairytale land, complete with princesses, dragons, and unicorns.  Oh, and the cutest little sentiments... these are really a card makers delight...

Of course we got the beautiful coordinating background stamps (the swirls and the crowns) and the coordinating "face" buttons to complete the collection.

I love the one the sentiment stamp that says "Sorry to hear your tail's been draggin..."  How cute is that?  This is just a sampling of the whole collection, so make sure you come in and see if we can make your fairytale dreams come true!  (Yeah, that's stretching it just a little... it's just that "Come in and see if we've got a stamp you like" didn't feel as fun... )

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