April 8, 2013

Great New Finds from Quick Quotes

We just got in some great new finds from Quick Quotes....

First up, a cute 6x8 mini journal, full of pre-printed pages perfect for altering:

Sorry - the blown up photo is a little blurry.  The inscription on the front is "Add a smile to your day and hours melt into minutes."  Love it!

We also got in two new paper lines:

 Dusty Rose

 I love this line because you just don't find too many purples out there... and of course, coming from Quick Quotes, the sentiment stickers have great phases on them.  My favorite is on this sheet is "You are AMAZING just the way you are".  Does that remind you of a fabulous movie?  Anyone?  Anyone???

Cracklin' Rose

 I'm always a sucker for warm colors too... and again, they've got some amazing quote stickers.  My favorite in this collection is "I have decided to be happy and change the world one smile at a time"... something we should all be striving towards, if you ask me.  Except in traffic situations...

The other thing Quick Quotes is known for is their chalk edging inks... they've been favorites in the store for a while.  They've just released some new colors and.... Yes!  We've got them:

Quick Quotes chalk inks cover evenly, dry quickly, and leave a soft, subtle edge... perfect for scrapbookers and cardmakers alike!   If you've not tried these before you should come in and pick up a few colors... you're gonna love 'em!

How about journaling... do you ever feel at a loss for words?  (You might have guessed that this is not often a problem for me.... Of course, some words that occur to me are better than other...  ;)  Well, Quick Quotes has you covered on that score as well... we got in several  inspirational quotes and phrases.

 Pretty quick... pretty quote-y... that's what you get from Quick Quotes!  So make your life a little easier... come in quick and get your quick quotes from Quick Quotes!

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