April 6, 2013

Some People Just Aren't Sn@ppy Enough!

So the other day I'm at the store teaching a class when a delivery comes in... and YAY!  It's the much anticipated arrival of the Simple Stories SN@P!  We were all so excited - lots of customers have been waiting for this collection since we announced that we would be getting in, and a few of them were in my class.

Well, of course Michelle and Nancy had to get the items entered into the computer and out on the shelf so people could buy it.  I mean, my customers were waiting!  Do you know that by the time my class was over they barely had half of the new product out???   Just between you and I, those two are really slackers!  Some people just aren't snappy enough...

Speaking of SN@P, I guess you might like to see what I'm talking about - check out this little video:

In case you didn't see how easy this system makes scrapbooking, see if you can follow my synopsis:

1. Take pictures
2. Print pictures
3. Choose really cool page protector design
4. Slide picture in
5. Add a cute pre-cut background card with a few little embellishments
6. Your page is done!

We've got the albums, page protectors, and embellishments in stock - you just come in and pick out what you like...  just don't ask Michelle or Nancy for help... they're just not snappy enough!!

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