April 3, 2013

Please Don't Mind the New Construction...

Ha - made you look!  You thought I was going to be whining about Nancy moving things in the store around again, didn't you???  (Well, not whining... I prefer the phrase "making unknown injustices known".)  No, this story is not about Nancy moving things around in the store.... Don't worry, though... Nancy hasn't gotten a good award in a while so I'm sure she'll be moving stuff around shortly!

In any case, we do have some new construction... Character Construction, that is!  Several of our customers have asked for us to bring Catherine Moore's quirky, creative stamp sets and dies to our store and we now have them!    Here's a quick peek:

Pretty nifty, am I right?  Great for all artists, we're sure these products will get your creative juices flowing... these are just a few of the styles we have in stock, so make sure to come in and get a good look at all the Character Construction sets we have to offer!

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