April 22, 2013

More About Colors...

A few weeks back I did a little post on picking paper to match your photos, and I thought I'd do a little more today.  This is one of the most common questions we get... how to match paper to photos.

Of course, the easiest route is by theme, which is so easy to do in a scrapbook store!  Got photos from Alaska?  We've got some Alaska paper.  Got birthday party photos?  We've got several lines of birthday paper.

But maybe you don't want to focus on the theme... the next best way to showcase your photos is to focus on colors.  Take a look at the following random photos that I downloaded from the internet:

OK, well, when I look at these pictures, I see a few different color elements, so I might start looking for some browns:

A yellow... not to bright, kind of a soft gold:

 A little orange:

 A blue/green... this is a little different in each picture, but this should work:
 An olive green:
 And a nice neutral:
Look at that... we created a color palette :)  Now from there you can pick the colors you think should be the dominant colors, which ones you can use for matting so that your pictures will pop, which ones you want to use for accents...

You can also start looking for matching patterned papers... look how these patterns reinforce those same colors:

I love that chevron pattern at the top - the first picture of the room would look so cool with that pattern!

Incidentally, in case you haven't noticed, I kind of worked backwards here... I found pictures that matched the colors already put together in a color line.  That was just for ease of blogging.... it works easily well going the other way :)

If you DO like these colors and patterns, you're going to love the We R Memory Keepers new Happy Campers line... all these beautiful colors, plus some really cool themed embellishments for outdoors and camping!

Check out these adorable samples created by the We R Memory Keeper's design team:

Cute, right?  We've got the single sheets, collection packs, and 6x6 pads here waiting for you!

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