February 18, 2013

Artists Gone Wild!!!

Aaaccckkk!  There's an art frenzy going on in here - even as I type this post my head is covered with a protective piece of chipboard as Michelle tears through boxes of new product from Faber Castell trying to get it ready for the shelves!!!  These things happen when you're addicted to arting....

Starting with the cutest little cup I've ever seen, check out the new collapsable travel water cup... it starts like this:

 And folds out to this:

Isn't it adorable???  The perfect solution for those who like to art on the go...

Next up, a product I've been longing for - the Faber Castell Studio Caddy:

 This is an organizer designed especially for all the Faber Castell pencils, pens, and gelattos:
How great to have everything easily accessible on your desktop!!!  And all the colors look so pretty in their little slots... sigh....

Speaking of pencils, we've added the Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils to our product assortment:

Also, for those of you who have been asking we got restocks on the black and white Big Brush pens:

Stamper's Big Brush Pen is perfect for stamping crisp, controlled images. The sturdy pen features an unsurpassed lightfast quality and is ideal for applying multiple colors to stamps. It can be used on all types of paper and even canvas! Best of all, the odorless India ink won't bleed through your pages, and is waterproof and archival so your images stay bright and vibrant for many years to come.

The white pen for stampers has a large bullet nib that offers rich opaque white coverage with a broad stroke and permanent ink. Excellent for use on dark surfaces and for mixing and matching with other colors and mediums. Ink is immediately visible and will not fade over time. Waterproof when dry, this India ink pen is the perfect choice for mixed media pieces!

Gotta go now - I think Michelle is almost to the bottom of the box, which means I've gotta watch out - the box will be airborn any minute now! 

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