February 9, 2013


No, there are no mermaids in residence here (Get it?  Splash?  Tom Hanks... Darryl Hannah?  No?  I don't know why I try so hard...)

Anyway, what we DO have are some fun new inks  - Splash Ink!  Splash inks are acrylic based mixing colors that are sold as a four color set, but you can combine them to make 100's of colors!  

These can be used for any watercoloring project and are great for mixed media artists and art journalers as well - I can't believe all the colors that can be created with the simple mixing system.
There's a color chart that tells you how to do it included in the package, but I also found some great videos:

Pretty cool, huh?  It's so exciting seeing all this new product rolling in - Splash inks are definitely on my "must have" list!!

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