February 7, 2013

HOT! HOT! HOT! New Product AND a Special Announcement....

What's HOT?  Stencils!  Who's HOT? Dina Wakley! Where is it HOT? Right here in sunny South Florida, at Everything Scrapbook and Stamps!  Combine the three and what do get???  HOT HOT HOT!!!

You got it - we're getting all of Dina Wakley's new stencils AND her newest mixed media book:

Here are the new stencils and a few samples Dina has created using them:

Mmmm - SO cool!  Can't wait for these to come in!

And now, for the special part of the announcement...

Sssshhhh!  I'm probably not supposed to be revealing this yet, but she's coming!  Dina Wakley!  Right here, to our store!  Later this year!   YYYAAAAYYYY!  I'm so excited, I just wanna do a happy dance!  Of course, I can't dance a lick - feast your eyes on this jocular jig and join in if you dare!  Special teachers mean good times at ESS - I can never get enough!! 

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