February 4, 2013

Totally Tim-tastic....

It's rolling in - more and more fabulous Tim Holtz product.... I should warn you, though... not the clock!  Repeat: As of yet, we do NOT have the clock. 

I know this because everytime someone has walked through the door today Michelle has told them that we didn't get the clock.  Most of the people who have come in haven't been looking for the clock, but that doesn't matter.  She's been letting them know anyway.  Not because they want the clock, but because SHE wants the clock!  Don't worry - I'm sure she'll be posting when it gets here, if she doesn't hoard them all for herself!!!

Here's a sampling of some of the new goodies we do have in stock:

New Dies:

New Embossing Folders:

New Embellishments:

Look at Michelle's sample cabinet card - gorgeous!

New Stamps:


So many choices, so little time.... (See, I told you no clock!  Get it?   Hee hee heeeee)  Of course, this isn't everything we have - come on in and check out all the new selections!

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