March 13, 2013

Hot New Artsy Products!

You all know Michelle is just an expert at finding all kinds of cool little goodies, and it looks like she's hit the finders jackpot again - we've got some super new treats for you to try out!

First up, Zig's new Wink of Stella Brushes...

The glitter pens are FULL of shimmer, and come in a compact pen with a detail brush nib, giving you complete control on application...

Here's the world's most annoying video on how to use these awesome little pens:  (Sorry - good technique video, but you may want to turn the volume down... or off!)

Also in, the Liquitex Freestyle splatter brush!

Our friend Nathalie Kalbach LOVES these brushes and we think you will too... You know how people always tell you that you can add cute spatter to your project by dipping a tooth brush in paint and running your finger across the tip, and then you try it and it looks like somebody told you to run your finger along the end of your toothbrush??? Problem eliminated!  Translation:  These brushes give GREAT splatter!

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