March 20, 2013

My Favorite Four Letter Word....

Everybody has one, and if you've ever driven around Palm Beach with me you might think you know what mine is, but you'd be wrong!  Scroll over the purple word below to reveal my favorite four letter word:


OK, you didn't need to scroll.  I just couldn't find any other way to reveal my favorite four letter word - book!  There's just something special about a good book - the way it feels, the way it smells, and most of all, the ability to be carried away from real life for a while!  If you're a book lover like me, you'll love some of the new selections we just got in....

First of all, Copic lovers will rejoice with Copic Coloring Guide Level 3: People!

This is the one you've been waiting for, guys!  There's a practice CD included, plus tons of color options for skin, hair, eyes, lips.... everything people!  While we're talking about Copic, don't forget to check out our newest Copic Class in April... Copic Quickies!  This is a target specific Copic class that will focus on a new coloring technique each month.  We'll start in April with fur, so if you've been curious about how to make your coloring look "fluffy" then come give it a try! 

Next up is a new book from Annie's Attic: Score, Fold, and Create!  If you love making 3D paper crafts then you'll love the way this book shows you how to get the most out of your score board:

Now that you know my favorite four letter word, how about my favorite eight letter word?  Ha ha ha.... you probably guessed it - magazine!  OK, not really.  I'm pretty sure I don't actually have a favorite eight letter word, but I'm trying to run with this theme, alright??  

We DID get in current issues of my some of our most popular new magazines, so you'll want to come and pick these up quickly - last time we sold out before I got mine!

Scrap 365

Scrap365 is an awesome magazine for scrappers.  It's from the UK and I've gotta say, none of our American mags are quite like it.  Check out the adorable memory jar on the front cover:

One of my favorite features is the monthly sketch challenge... I always love a good sketch and they do have some cute ones... look at one of the one's for this month:

Isn't that cute, with the little peak-a-boo tear at the top and all the happy little swirls???

This month in addition to all the beautiful layout ideas they also have a sweet recipe journal and a tutorial on creating a retro polaroid memo board... they're SO creative at Scrap365!!!

Art journal artists will be happy with the newest issue of Art Journaling from Somerset Studio:

This month learn how to give character to your figures and discover the healing powers of circle journaling.  Also get up close and personal with artist Teesha Moore, who could arguably be labeled as the girl who started it all in the art journaling world.  Check out her bright, eclectic style:

Last but far from least we've got the latest issue of Somerset Memories:

This issue includes eight free patterned papers, an amazing digital photo workshop, and a huge selection of articles on layouts and mini albums.  This magazine is PACKED!!!!  There's just tons of inspiration to be found... 

We've got so many great new reading selections for you, you've just got to come in and pick up something new - but please, if we're sold out of your favorite when you get here, keep your own favorite four letter word to yourself!! 

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