March 25, 2013

What Color is Groovy, Anyway???

One of the most frequent requests from our customers might surprise you - it's color matching.  Either they have a piece of paper they want to find cardstock for, or they have colored a stamp and want to try to match paper too it, or perhaps they have a photo and they can't find any paper to go with it.  Whichever the case, colors seems to throw a lot of people for a loop!

That particular problems pairs very well with my newest obsession - color palettes!  I just love looking at a picture and trying to decide what colors I would pick out.  Take a look at the following pictures:

Isn't that room just yummy??  Doesn't it just make you feel like you'd like to walk in and sit down?

Now check out this picture:

A completely different room, a completely different look, and a completely different feeling.  But wait - is there something similar?  I think this next picture will pull it together for you:

So at least ten of you right now are going, "But wait!  That's not a room, Tamara!"  And you'd be right.  But it has something in common with the two pictures I showed you - it has a similar color palette!  Look how the colors are pulled out of this photo on the left; for scrapbookers, this should make you think of colors to look for in your paper!  You might need different shades of color, depending on the dominant colors in your photo.  But, all the pictures show a basic color palette of yellow, blue, and green.  

So what do those colors mean to you?  For me, they bring summer to mind.  Apparently it made the people at We R Memory Keepers feel a little groovy - hence their new collection, Feelin' Groovy!  I gotta say, this is one of my favorite color palettes and so I'm LOVIN' this collection!  Check it out:

Love the colors, love the patterns, love the vintage feel... Love it!

Of course, the great thing about paper collections is that all the color work is done for you - We R Memory Keepers even makes their own cardstock that perfectly matches their collections:

How easy is that?  Here's a few samples from the We R Memory Keepers website to inspire you:

 Aren't those colors just fabulous together?  Keep your eyes peeled - it the coming weeks I'll try to intersperse some color tips throughout my posts... you'll be a color palette expert before you know it!

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