March 14, 2013

That Nancy is SUCH a Deadbeat!

I know it's been a while since I've picked on Nancy...  and I know my secret of society of supporters have been missing it!  (They really ARE a secret society... they haven't even let me know who they are!)  Here's the deal: Rosemary was my main source of information on good old PN - aka Perfect Nancy, aka Noogle, aka Award Thief... (and the beat goes on.... and on...)  Anyway, since Rosemary has been on extended leave I've been left without a witness to all of Nancy's devious plans - drat!

Well, this week Michelle FINALLY decided to take a day off - yay!  Translation, Nancy and I got to work together today.  Boy oh boy - I finally had a chance to see what she's been up to lately.  And let me tell you, it's no wonder Nancy hasn't won any awards in a while - she's really slipping!

This week we had a little incident involving one of our favorite little stamp companies, Deadbeat Designs.  You know Deadbeat... they make those awesome pick up truck stamps and the little tree stamps for all seasons?  Well, maybe you've never seen them before because it's impossible for us to keep them in stock!  Here's a reminder:


Well, today the phone rings.  PN was very busy... I hear her pick up the phone and say, "Hello?"  Then just as quickly as she picked it up, she hung it up again.  Tricky little Nancy.  She just wanted to keep on working!  The persistant caller was not to be deterred, however.  A few seconds later the phone rings again...  "Hello?  Hello?"  Nancy says... and then she hangs up again!  How very suspicious... she claimed she couldn't hear anything.  Hmmph!

So a few minutes later we get an email.  It's the owner of Deadbeat Designs... he was emailing to let us know he'd been trying to get in touch with us but Nancy kept hanging up on him!  Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Talk about being caught red handed... or should I say Dead handed??? 

In any case, this is more ammunition for my new Anti-Nancy Award Campaign... I'm expecting a lot of support on my new campaign from you guys!  I figure if I can't win any awards, I can at least do my civic duty and keep Nancy from winning any new awards...  After all, an employee that hangs up on important business clients simply isn't award-worthy!

Speaking of Deadbeat Designs, we got some restock items this week along with some amazing new designs! Better hop on these quick, though, guys... if history repeats itself they'll probably be gone before I have a chance to post this message!  This cute little birdie is back in stock:

I'm completely in love with these little bugs:

And I can't help but think that these last few were designed with Palm Beach in mind:

But I think my favorite is this one - how perfect for your card backs!!!!

Come get 'em while they're hot ladies... 

And don't forget, I'm offering a reward for any Nancyisms you can report to me... you might just get mentioned on the blog!!!  Bwah ha ha ha haaaa.... (Nancy just heard me laugh out loud as I was typing this... gulp!  I better sign off now before she


Joyce's Journey said...

I love the birds and the girls.....if you can hold for me please.....

And Tamara, I'm not saying anything against PN after she revealed she frequents the shooting range....

Tam said...

:) It's OK Joyce - if I were smarter I'd probably remember the same before I composed my posts!!!