September 24, 2012

45 Reasons I Love Graphic 45....

1. Vibrant colors
2. Thick, quality paper
3. Themes that make me happy
4. Beautiful, classic images
5. Awesome embellishments

Yes, I love Graphic 45 for these reasons and more... wait, you thought I said 45 reasons?  No, no... that's 4 to 5 - just say it really fast like I did in the title and it sounds like 45... There's no way I could take the time to list 45 reasons, although certainly there are 45 reasons and more.  Graphic 45 is one of my absolute favorite companies, and their newest releases make me love them that much more.

I already blogged once about Birdsong, but that was before we'd gotten it in or I'd actually seen it; that was just the CHA preview.  Now that it's here I'm in awe...  I'm so glad I planned that trip to the Bon Festival at the Morikami Gardens so that I would have awesome pictures to use on my soon to be new collection of Birdsong papers - totally worth it, even if it did rain like crazy that night!  (And don't EVEN pretend that you don't plan events to match you're favorite scrapbook papers - you know you do!)  Just look at these fabulous papers:

Don't you love the fan stamp?  You can stamp the images inside the fan image so you can create a unique look everytime - pretty cool!  

Now, this next line took me by surprise - I didn't even know it was coming, so I came in shocked to find this fabulous new Christmas line on our shelves.  Oh My - the colors!  Pinks and purples and blues for Christmas - GORGEOUS! 

This collection is not just for Christmas - the dancing papers and embellishments are also perfect for all our little dancers out there.... I'm just sayin!  Of course, these are just samplings - you need to come in to see the complete line. 

While you're here you can check out these other awesome products from Graphic 45:

The easle album and the matchbook box are offered in two sizes - 8x8 and 12x12.  Perfect for the paper sizes and CUTE ideas for unique Christmas gifts.... there are only a few left so be sure to come and get them so you don't miss out!

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