September 5, 2012

Kool New Tools....

I have to say, Michelle has a knack for finding "kool" tools, and she's done it again! We all love foam tape - a little pop here, a little pop there and there's a whole new level of dimension to your project. Now Kooltak is bringing more options to dimension with their CLEAR foam tape:

We have also brought in their Pick'n Place pencil - this little pencil helps you keep track of and place the small embellishments that always seem to want to shoot out of your hands. Even though it's a pencil and can be sharpened, in most cases if it becomes deactivated all you need to do is wipe the tip off and it starts working again. What does that translate too? IT LASTS PRACTICALLY FOREVER.

I love the colors in Kooltak's foils.... these foil sheets require no heat; they'll transfer to any tacky surface:

With the holiday's coming up there will be so many cool uses for foil - definitely something to try!

Also, for those of you who love cool tools and/or who love Cheryl Mezzetti and Creative Imaginations, we got in the Creative Imaginations water bucket that Cheryl was using in her classes:

This is an awesome little product that is water tight, soft touch, and collapsible - perfect for traveling and storage. This is a great product for all our mixed media artists, so make sure to pick one up today! (lol - I love it when I sound all retro-addy like that!).

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