September 17, 2012

Paper Aaaahhhhhhttttt Goodies...

Ha ha - no, I'm not making fun of PN's Boston accent in that title.... It's meant to convey the soothing feeling that one gets when one becomes immersed in brand new stencils, stamps, and art parts. See, don't you just want to go "Aaaahhhh" just thinking about it?

First and foremost, Wendy Vecchi came stencils! These are perfect for use on Art Parts or on any art project where you want to add a little Wendy pizazz:

Aren't they awesome??? We also got in some great new stamp sets from Wendy - I love her new stamps! She offers a great new selection of background stamps along with some very funny and artfelt little sayings... Here are just a few of the new sets we received:

Wendy's new Art Parts coordinate with her new stamps perfectly. Again, we simply got too many to show them all here, but here are just a few - come on in to see the rest!

There are so many creative possibilities with the Studio 490 art Parts, stamps, and stencils - make sure to pick your favorites up before they're gone!

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