September 3, 2012

Labor Day Sale

I know - it's Monday and I'm not supposed to be here.  I had to switch days with PN (Perfect Nancy) because I have to have Wednesday off to attend a marathon HIV training event that I need for school.  You can just guess how excited I am about that....  

Turns out to be a good day to be here, though, since we're having a STAMP sale!!!!  (My mouth is already watering.... I have sort of a stamp thing, have I mentioned?)

ANYway, if you come in today you can buy one stamp and get one (of equal or lessor value) for 50% off!!!!  This applies only to stamps that are in the little stamp cubby and not to ones on the new wall or hanging in separate sections, like the Dyan Reaveley.  It DOES apply to Magnolia and a lot of very cute Halloween and Christmas stamps, so come in today and get yourself ready for the upcoming holidays!


Little Reminders (for those who are sitting around this holiday day wondering what they should be doing with their time):

  • Our blog candy contest is still running until Wednesday - check out this post to enter
  • Michelle's mixed media cruise is coming up in October - if you're interested check out this post
  • There is still time to post for our Design Team - check out the details here

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