September 30, 2012

Meet Dyan...

Wooo Hoooooo!  (Oops - there's my southern roots showing...)  It's almost time - in just a short while Michelle will be picking Dyan Reavely up at the airport and bringing her to Everything Scrapbook and Stamps for three jam-packed days of fun and fabulous classes!

A lot of you guys may be new to the Art Journaling phenomenon, but Dyan's not - she's been at the forefront of the industry for years.  In addition to teaching classes in her own store, Art from the Heart, in North Yorkshire she is also currently the International Senior Educator for Ranger Industries!   So what happens when one of your favorite artists teams up with one of your favorite companies? 
                    1. You fall down on your knees and thank the heavens and the stars above
                    2. You open up a big ole' can of southern WOO HOO!!!
                    3. You beg, borrow, and plead to get her to come teach at your store!

Thank goodness Michelle chose option three, because here comes Dyan!  Michelle met Dyan at Ranger University, and it was sort of kismet... or twiglet, as the case may be.  Anyway, Michelle says Dyan is one of the funniest, no pressure, encouraging teachers she's ever had and everyone can look forward to being completely inspired.... yay!

How about a little Dyan trivia to hold you over until Tuesday?  Did you know:

  • Dyan LOVES toffees, mustaches, and hot men.  I'm not sure if the mustaches have to be on the hot men or not - you should ask her about that.
  • Dyan loves getting messy and inky, so Rosemary you better put your blinders on 'cause I'm pretty sure she's not putting on gloves for you....
  • Dyan loves 50's style vintage dresses and Northern Soul.  No, I didn't know what Northern Soul is either - don't be lazy - google it.  And, I'm just wondering which one of our crazy Dyan fans is going to show up in a 50's style dress... I'm just throwing it out there...
OK, so I believe as I am writing this that there may be one or two slots left in couple of the classes, so if you didn't sign up before and now you're kicking yourself in the behind like I am, call the store and see if there's any left...  until then, enjoy this:

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