September 16, 2012

Here a Stamp, there a Stamp, everywhere a Stamp Stamp...

(Alternate titles for this post include "PN Strikes Again", "Rosemary Loses her Cool", or "Tam Gives PN the Old Stink Eye" - voters choice!)

Wow - it's that time again. Wednesday. That most cursed day of the week. Rosemary and I (yes, Rosemary.... she's BACK!! Yaaaay!!!) have been searching this store from top to bottom all day! It started with the Wendy Vecchi Art Parts - Rosemary and I knew they were here somewhere, but we checked where they used to be and, of course, there's a little dresser there now. And it DOESN'T have any Art Parts on it.

Nope, some fantastic new Christmas stamps from Northwoods, but no Art Parts. We looked and looked and couldn't find them anywhere. Eventually we figured they sold out and started hanging the new ones where they used to go, on the little white grid rack that has been moved to the back of the store by the cardstock aisle.

So we start hanging them and we get dreaded question number two. Where is the mulberry paper. Well. we both walk right on over to where the mulberry paper has been for, well, at least as long as I've worked here. Rosemary bends down to grab a sheet and, nope. Not there. The rest of the aisle seemed to be in order, but the mulberry paper was suspiciously absent. What are the PN has struck again....

And, my suspicions were confirmed. The very next question some poor customer asks us is where the Creative Imaginations Alice in Wonderland paper is. The customer walked to it's previous location, and Rosemary and I both walked there too, certain that our customer just wasn't looking hard enough. Nope. We looked and looked and looked. We knew we had it, just knew it. Eventually our poor customer gave up and started looking for other things. "Where are the new Tim Holtz stamps?" she wanted to know. Well, first Rosemary checks the new wall. After all, that is sort of the logical place for new stamps. Nope, no go. We did find some adorable new stamps from Magnolia's Turning Leaves collection:

Tilda's and Edwin are having all kinds of fun this fall! Right next to the Magnolia stamps were some chic little stamps from Penny Black, just in time to get started on the holidays:

And next to that the GORGEOUS new sample board and stamps from Memory Box - I swear their releases get better every single time:

Yes, all these stamps are fun and wonderful, but they're not from Tim Holtz. Since I was sitting right next to the Tim Holtz section doing my blogging I swiveled in my seat and made sure the new stamps weren't there. Nope, they weren't. (OK, so maybe all the parts of the story where I claimed to be helping look for things, I was really watching Rosemary look for things and jotting down her path of destruction. After all, I'm the blogger. I have to record these things properly, for prosperity and all). Finally, Rosemary had had it. She was tired of looking for things.

"That's it!" cried Rosemary. "I'm tired of looking for things! I'm calling her at home!" Faithful reader, Rosemary is NOT one for idle threats. She called her at home.

"Where on Earth did you put the Creative Imaginations Alice in Wonderland paper?" There is a little silence, and then Rosemary walks over to a new little side rack. "I looked here!" she exclaimed. "It's not here!" More silence. Then she grabs some paper and looks at it. "Upside down?" she asks. "Why would you put it upside down? No wonder we couldn't find it!" Yep, it's the truth. The entire line of paper we were looking for was upside down, with it's back side showing. The backside of this paper is beautiful, but it's kind of hard to identify Alice from behind.

Anyway, Rosemary was so upset with this revelation that she hung up the phone without asking about the Tim Holtz stamps.

"_____!" says Rosemary. (Sorry, reader, you'll need to use your imagination for that one. This is a family blog, after all). "I was so upset about the paper that I forgot to ask her about the stamps!" Our poor customer was a little afraid, I think. She made some noises about not worrying about it, but then all the sudden Rosemary found the stamps.

"I found them!" exclaimed Rosemary. "I can hardly believe it!" And there they were, in the stencil section.

Oh, and look. Right in with them is all the new Wendy Vecchi Art Parts, stamps, and stencils. I know, you're probably wondering why the stamps are in the stencil section. We are wondering that ourselves. Reader, this can only add more weight to our claim that Nancy is out to make us look like morons in order to advance her own career. I mean, how is it possible that everyone that came in this morning asked for items that neither of us could find? Consistently?

It's a set up, I tell you. Rumor has it that PN's son was in the store this weekend, supposedly installing a new outlet for our class area. I'm thinking, though, that the outlet was just a red herring. I'm sure there are little cameras in store, recording our Wednesday antics. PN probably sits at home at night, watching and rewatching our pathetic attempts to impress our customers and planning her next move. What other explanation can there be?

Can I tell you, friend reader, that the stress of all this is finally getting to me? I spent so much time today watching Rosemary looking for things and blogging about it, just look what happened to me:

I'm sure if I could just slide into work, find a beautiful award waiting for me, and go on to enjoy a day filled with successfully helping my treasured customers that these things wouldn't happen to me. You could call this a stress induced reaction, or you could call it me giving PN "The Old Stink Eye"....

(PS - OK, so maybe the eye thing happened at home when I was trying to lift a case of 32 bottled waters while balancing a couple of twelve packs of soda on top.... apparently I'm not as strong as I think I am and my eyeball went on strike. Don't tell anyone though - I'm hoping the sympathy vote will finally win me my award!!!)

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Joyce's Journey said...

Okay, you had to show us your eye? Freakin gross! I'm sorry and I hope you are better soon.

I love our store. It looks so pretty in the pictures! Everything is so enticing. I don't know how people can deal with just seeing these juicy pictures (not the eye) and not be able to come and partake. You ALL do such a nice job making it a haven for us to nurture our addictions.