September 7, 2012

And Now There's Noogle....

Well, here's another great example of the blatent favoritism that happens around here. Nancy has yet ANOTHER nickname. I mean, I've been here for HOW long? A year and a half at least... and I've received no awards and now, no nickname. I feel SO alone...

OK, so maybe Rosemary and I have been the one's to give Nancy most of her nicknames, and maybe they haven't always been given with love and generosity of spirit. Personally, I thought PN (Perfect Nancy) was kind of nice... although I can kind of see how it depends on the usage, I guess.

But I can't help but feel a little left out - I mean, Michelle has her nickname, Head Twit. (I don't know what she was thinking when she came up with that name - I, of course, refuse to be known as some kind of twit underling....). Rosemary gave herself the nickname of "Cindy-rella", as she feels that best describes her role in the store. Personally, I think someone who is constantly excluded from things like awards and fancy nicknames is more deserving of the name, but it's already been taken.... what can I do? And Nancy... well, you already know most of those. (PN, Fancy Nancy, brown-noser... OK, I might have just thought up that last one...) But me? Not a one...

Nancy's newest nickname was actually given to her by Michelle. Michelle has been working on a custom album for one of our customers... (Did you know that Michelle does custom albums? Check out this post...)

Anyway, she needed some information on some of the photos she was scrapbooking in order to work in some page elements. She had this picture

And, of course, she had NO idea what this image was or what it was supposed to be. Nancy saunters on over and points her phone at the picture and in a few moments: voila! She has an answer. I would tell you exactly what she said, but I don't have my Google Translate handy. Anyway, turns out it's "Tutankhamun's Canopic Chest", which is a nice way of saying that those little baby mummy holders are full of King Tut's guts. (Hey, don't blame me - I didn't put them in there.)

ANYway, Michelle and I were both a little impressed. I mean, it's kind of nice to be able to take a picture of something and find out exactly what it is.

"What is that app?" I asked, eager to show that I can be techno savy too. (Of course, those of you who have been reading this blog will know that "techno savy" is not exactly a term that should apply to me....)

Turns out it's a Google App which, on my Android phone, is called Google Goggles (Go ahead, say that three time fast.) I'm full of excitement, anxious to get Google Goggles on my phone. I download the app and set it up and prepare to take my first picture.

This is the picture I took:

And this is where Google Googles took me:

His name is Fred, the Funny Country Turtle and he can be purchased for $34.99 if you're interested. Getting back to the story, I was in a panic. What was I to do? I mean, Nancy takes a picture and she comes up "Tutankhamun's Canopic Chest" and I take a picture and I come up with "Fred, the Funny Country Turtle". You have to admit, this was a little embarassing for me.
So, Nancy has earned herself the new respected nickname of "Noogle"; which basically means that if Michelle needs to know anything she's going to ask Noogle instead of me, even though I have the stupid app and it's really not my fault that it doesn't seem to work right. Right??? Right.
Well, I did the only thing a self-respecting person can do in my situation. I shout out in a frenzy, "Nancy can't say bagel!" Which is true. Nancy says "baaagel" instead of the way that EVERY other person in America pronounces it, which is "bay-gel". Now, of course, this had absolutely nothing to do with Google goggles, but it did make me feel a little better.

What happened next was really just fate being on my side for once. The phone rings and Nancy answers it. She has a confused look on her face.
"Captain Yollers?" she asks. Michelle and I look at each other - what could she possibly be talking about. "Nope," Nancy confirms, "There's no Captain Yollers here." at which time she hangs up the phone.
"Who was that?" Michelle asks.
"I don't know," Nancy says, "He was looking for some guy named Captain Yollers... he wanted to know if we were next to Captain Yollers? I told him no..."
"Do you mean Campanellos?" Michelle asks with a grin... "The little place a few shops down from us?"
"What?" asks Nancy, a little confused. Then we all started laughing. Apparently not only does Nancy only speak Bostonease, she can only hear in Bostonease too.... no wonder things are so crazy around here!!
Anyway, if you happen to come in here while both Nancy and I are here, I don't want to hear it. Please do NOT call her Noogle in my presence - it would be like a knife to my lonely heart.

Postscript by Head Twit: Actually Tamara has two nicknames.
1. Tamararhymeswithcamera . . . . which I will admit is a bit long for a nickname and
2. Noah - which is short for No Awa rd, hahahaha we didn't tell Tamara this latest nickname it would be like rubbing salt in an open wound, we just say it when she is not around but, hey you have to admit it's funny !


nkisiel said...

I think that I should get the credit for all the positive comments from everyone about the wonderful writing on the blog recently. After all, if I wasn't there to give you all the ammunition you would have nothing to write about.

Anonymous said...

Actually Nancy, I think you should get an award for providing some people with amusement on a regular basis. We will have an award ceremony soon, I will start making the invitations this afternoon

ESS said...

Wow, Anonymous (aka Rosemary) that will just make Tamara feel worse if you send out personalized invitations.

Anonymous said...

I really think that we should give Tamara a really good nickname. After all, she is the BEST blogger in the group! How about blogeerhead?

Tam said...

Wow, Nancy, you really DO have to take over everything, don't you?? I guess I'll have to be glad now that there is no award for blogging! Really, I have to thank all three of you - you all provide plenty of blog fodder!

Joyce's Journey said...

Where's the "Like" button? You guys are a hoot!